Don Ulander

Donald J. Ulander, patriot and educational pioneer, served our country in the US Marine Corps from 1946-55. In China during the Korean War, he was wounded in combat, and recognized with a Purple Heart in 1950. He worked as a Recruiting Sergeant from 1952-55, and then earned a BA and MA in English, Speech/Drama in

Fabian Giroux

Fabian Giroux, life-changing History teacher and consummate intellectual, joined NHHS in 1961. A Canadian immigrant, he spent his early years traveling as a missionary in Europe and earning his degree from Western Reserve University. He brought with him his knowledge of languages, history, philosophy, religion, art, and a student-centered approach to learning. At NHHS, Giroux

Bill Barnett

Bill Barnett, revered Water Polo coach, began his unprecedented 49 years at NHHS in 1966. At Fullerton College and CSULB, he played water polo and swam, and earned his Masters at UC Irvine in 1975. At the helm of Boys Water Polo, Barnett garnered ten CIF Championship titles, and seven CIF runner-ups. Known for his

Roscine Feeley

Roscine Feeley, inspiring English teacher and art lover, arrived at NHHS in the early 1940s. She grew up in Minnesota and Illinois, graduated from Bradley University with high honors in 1937, and earned a MA at Stanford. Early in her tenure, Feeley became English Department Chair in 1943. Her emphasis was on teaching college-bound seniors,

Dennis O’Hern

Dennis O’Hern, stimulating teacher and globe-trekker, arrived at NHHS in 1965, after earning degrees at OCC and CSULB. A life-long learner, he continued to a MA from Chapman (1967), a NSF grant to the University of Colorado (1972), African Studies at UC Irvine (1971), and a Coe Fellowship at Stanford (1992). O’Hern taught a cornucopia

Irene Worth

Irene Worth, Class of 1933, actress of stage, screen, and radio, arrived at NHHS as Harriet Abrams. She delighted in The Mikado, and served as President of the Glee Club. Worth studied at UCLA, where she earned a place in three dramatic societies and graduated in 1937. After her Broadway debut in 1943, Worth moved

Steve Timmons

Steve Timmons, Class of 1977, three-time Olympic medalist in Volleyball, inspired coaches and peers on the NHHS courts. Easily recognizable with his fiery red flat top, he continued on to USC, where he became a First Team All American in 1982, and proved essential to the Men’s Indoor Volleyball National Championship in 1980. Next Timmons

Gregg Schwenk

Gregg Schwenk, Class of 1986, entrepreneur, film aficionado, educator, began leading at NHHS as class President, Freshman through Junior year, and as ASB President Senior year. From OCC, Schwenk transferred to UC Berkley and graduated with high honors as a Presidential Fellow in Political Economy in 1990. Later, he completed the Advanced Management Development Program

Bob Rogers

Bob Rogers, Class of 1968, filmmaker, inventor, master story-teller, launched his career at NHHS by co-writing and directing the Senior Class movie. He contributed to the 1968 CIF Water Polo Championship, and earned a scholarship to Stanford. He transferred to CalArts to study filmmaking, and co-wrote the seminal textbook, Cinematography, A Guide for Filmmakers and

James “Walkie” Ray

James “Walkie” Ray, Class of 1963, builder, philanthropist, community visionary, began the foundation for his many great works at NHHS, where he met his future wife, Janet. He went on to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees from Stanford. Returning to his home town, Ray joined his father’s company, J. Ray Construction, and grew the business