Stuart Cooper

Stuart Cooper, Class of 1960, thought-provoking actor and director, discovered a lifetime of artistic inspiration in Bob Wentz’s NHHS Drama class. While at OCC, Cooper was admitted to the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, and spent the next 22 years in Europe, building his film production company.   In his early career,

E. Gene Crain

Gene Crain, Class of 1951, world-class art collector and philanthropist, excelled on the NHHS Baseball team as Captain and MVP. At Pomona College, he triple-majored, while playing every inning of every baseball game for four years and leading the team to two conference titles.   In 1955, Crain began attending the University of Chicago Law

David A. Grant

David A. Grant, Class of 1956, intrepid educator and sailor, set his course for success from NHHS where he started the Sailing Club, and was inspired by Al Irwin and Roscine Feeley. He continued to OCC, UCLA, CSULB, and Stanford.   In 1963, Grant returned to OCC to teach and coach, and soon took greater

Dr. Mahlon DeLong

Dr. Mahlon DeLong, Class of 1956, ground-breaking neurologist, led at NHHS as Student Body VP. At Stanford, he studied science and history, spent a year in Berlin, and discovered his passion for the brain as the ultimate frontier.   DeLong excelled at Harvard Medical School, graduating cum laude in 1966, and furthered his interest in

Jerry Tagami

Jerry Tagami, NHHS 1970-2004   Jerry Tagami, creative English teacher, was born in the Gila River Japanese War Relocation Center where his family was interred during WW II. Afterwards, he grew up in Chicago and came to NHHS in 1970, while enrolled in UCI’s English PhD program, and discovered a passion for teaching high school.

Robert M. House

Robert M. House, NHHS 1955-1994   Robert M. House, adventurous environmental educator, studied at Pepperdine and CSULB, and in 1955 began a teaching career at NHHS that enriched our campus forever.   House took a hands-on approach to engaging his students. He helped initiate the OC Science Fair, served as its Director in 1957, and

Marie Hiebsch

Marie Hiebsch, NHHS 1930-1964   Marie Hiebsch, founding Music teacher, played the violin with the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra, and earned her BA in Music Education from UCLA. When NHHS opened in 1930, Principal Davidson hired Hiebsch to create the Music Department.   In those early years, Hiebsch taught all of the vocal and instrumental music

Ellen Caricof

Ellen Caricof, NHHS 1950-1988   Ellen Caricof, skilled P.E. instructor, arrived at NHHS in 1950, after studying at UCLA. She spent the next 38 years fostering a love of physical fitness and setting a standard of athletic excellence that still energizes our campus today.   Caricof valued her athletes as individuals, and made sure NHHS

Ken Bauermeister

Ken Bauermeister, NHHS 1962-89   Ken Bauermeister, standard-setting Social Studies teacher, grew up in Iowa playing sports. After serving in the US Army, he graduated magna cum laude from Buena Vista College, and received his Master’s from the University of Omaha.   In 1962, Bauermeister brought his encouraging nature and concern for others to NHHS

Justice David Thompson

Justice David Thompson, Class of 1974, thoughtful community advocate, began his search for his life’s work at NHHS, where he was a self-described “late bloomer.” After working minimum wage jobs, he attended community college, and transferred to Georgetown University where he graduated summa cum laude in 1980. Thompson earned his law degree at UCLA and