Bob Hailey

Bob Hailey at NHHS 1960-1996   Bob Hailey, passionate Biology teacher and coach at NHHS 1960-96, grew up in CO and graduated from CO State, where he was in the ROTC. After teaching elsewhere, he began at NHHS in 1960, and quickly earned the respect of students and colleagues.   As Track & Field coach,

Tris Imboden

Tris Imboden Class of 1969   Tris Imboden, Class of 1969, expert musician, inherited a love of music from his parents and got his start in local surf bands. In high school, his band The Other Half played professionally at sock hops, Hollywood’s Teenage Fair, and the NHHS Tars and Stars Extravaganza.   In 1970,

Tom Gazsi

Chief Tom Gazsi, Class of 1979, law enforcement leader, continued his education at OCC and USC. While still in school, he started with the Newport Beach Police Department as a cadet and became a full-time officer in 1985.   Gazsi helped establish a police chaplain program, and was promoted to Sergeant in 1998 in the

Arthur M. Worden

Arthur M. Worden at NHHS 1931-1952   Arthur M. Worden, Vocational Arts expert at NHHS 1931-52, grew up in Kansas and lost a leg in a childhood accident, but never let that slow him down. He earned his degree at Kansas State, and taught in MT and CA before becoming NHHS’s first Shop teacher.  

April Ross

April Ross Class of 2000   April Ross, Class of 2000, exceptional Volleyball champion, dominated NHHS athletics in three sports, and earned the title CIF Volleyball Player of the Year twice. She played on the US Junior National Team, and was recognized as the Gatorade National Player of the Year for her athletic excellence, academic

Dr. Ingrid Buhler Pisetsky

Dr. Ingrid Buhler Pisetsky Class of 1963   Dr. Ingrid Buhler Pisetsky, Class of 1963, compassionate psychiatrist, flourished at NHHS in the Larkettes choir, as Zonta Girl of the Year, and in the AFS program studying in South Africa. She earned her Biology degree from Stanford, and attended the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of

Dudley Gene Smith

Dudley Gene Smith at NHHS 1956-92   Dudley Gene Smith, kindhearted Chemistry teacher at NHHS 1956-92, spent his early days in Pasadena as a star athlete, and served in the US Air Force during the Korean War. He studied at CSU San Jose, earned his Masters degree at CSU Long Beach, and came to NHHS

Betty Orbach

Betty Orbach at NHHS 1963-1988   Betty Orbach, accomplished English instructor at NHHS 1963-88, was passionate about the arts from an early age, and eventually left UCLA to pursue a career in performance swimming. She traveled with the Crosby Brothers and appeared in movies with Esther Williams’ Synchronized Swim Troupe alongside stars like Frank Sinatra.

Don Cantrell

Don Cantrell Class of 1950   Don Cantrell, Class of 1950, insightful writer and historian, distinguished himself on the NHHS Football field as Quarterback, and served in the CA National Guard and the US Army Signal Corps. He studied Journalism at Willamette and CSU Long Beach, and began a lifetime of spreading knowledge.   As

Roderick MacMillian

Roderick MacMillian Class of 1945   Roderick MacMillian, Class of 1945, devoted youth advocate, excelled at sports at NHHS and was Editor of The Beacon. To help his single mother, he worked as a Lifeguard, sports reporter, firehouse mascot, and babysitter for John Wayne. He enlisted in the US Navy during WW II, and then