May 1, 2017

Dear Alumni,

Greetings from the official Newport Harbor High School Alumni Association! We were established in 1932 to keep Sailors connected and help our Alma Mater flourish. We want to introduce ourselves to you again, as you might wonder what the NHHSAA does today?

Did you know that we have a scholarship fund to help graduates achieve their career goals? That we provide supplemental gifts to the school to cover budget shortfalls? That we do this with two recently established Endowments? Have you heard about our Hall of Fame to spotlight extraordinary Alumni and Faculty? About our Web Jones Heritage Hall museum? Or our in- production documentary about the history of our school?

We do all of this to be an active part of the community that has Newport Harbor High School at its heart. For over 85 years, our Alma Mater has worked hard to educate each generation, and provide the foundation for a vibrant, successful society. In recent years, budget cutbacks have created a gap between what our schools need to continue offering the best to our students, and what is provided. While in the past classroom needs were fully covered, today’s public funding falls short, and the NHHSAA wants to be an integral part of filling this void.

So join us now in giving back. If you cherish the legacy of our fine high school, please consider a small donation of $25 or more to the official NHHSAA. Even a little donation can make a big difference if we all work together!
Please go to to make your gift online, or mail it to: NHHS Alumni Association, Newport Harbor High School, P. O. Box 2675, Newport Beach, CA 92663.

Let’s pay it forward, and help the current NHHS students thrive and succeed as they go out to take on the world. On behalf of the entire Sailor community, we thank you!


Gregg Kelly,
President, NHHS Alumni Association
Class of 1975

Corinne Hamilton Heiser,
Director, NHHS Alumni Association
Class of 1970