Robert B. Wentz

Robert B. Wentz began his monumental career as a drama teacher at NHHS in 1947, after serving in the US Army as a Private First Class during World War II. At NHHS, Wentz developed award-winning theater arts and speech programs. He encouraged his students to believe in themselves, and taught many who went on to

Ruth Stoever Fleming

Ruth Stoever Fleming was NHHS’s first librarian in 1938, and worked tirelessly to bring quality visual art to campus. Along with Principal Davidson, Stoever Fleming helped the senior class purchase a work of fine art. Under her guidance, the Class of 1944 acquired Edgar Payne’s painting “The Great White Peak.” Inspired by this success, Stoever

Ralph King Reed

Ralph King Reed, revered coach and athletic director, started teaching at NHHS in 1930, as one of the first teachers hired by Principal Davidson. Previously, he served in the military, and earned a degree and outstanding track and field record from Oberlin College. Initially, Reed coached every sport on campus, and led a triumvirate of

Webster J. Jones

Web Jones, outstanding educator and a founding father of NHHS’ Heritage Hall, was a leader on campus for thirty-three years. He began teaching in 1949, after honorable service in the US Navy, and during his time in the math department, earned a place in his students’ hearts with his enthusiasm and willingness to help. Dedicated

Sidney Harold Davidson

Sidney Harold Davidson laid NHHS’s foundation of excellence as the school’s first principal. A graduate of UC Berkeley in 1917, Davidson began his tenure at NHHS in 1930 with remarkable dedication, by working for the first seven months without pay. He selected the initial twelve teachers, and established the school’s mission, as a place to

Anthony Zerbe, Class of 1954

Anthony Zerbe, star of stage and screen, graduated from NHHS in 1954, and has spent more than fifty years passionately pursuing a career in film, theater and teaching. After serving in the US Air Force from 1959-1961, Zerbe enhanced his acting skills under the expert tutelage of Stella Adler in New York. Known for his

George Yardley, Class of 1946

George Yardley, Class of 1946 and basketball legend, spent four years dribbling his way across the NHHS courts that now bear his name. At Stanford, Yardley set the Pacific Coast Basketball scoring record and earned an engineering degree in 1952. He enjoyed carrying the fraternity moniker, “Yard Bird,” as well as the title of 2nd

James Seely, Class of 1950

James Seely, Rear Admiral US Navy, dauntless pilot and patriot, graduated from NHHS in 1950, as varsity in swim. He continued his education at UCLA for a B.S. in Business Administration, before enlisting in the US Navy. Admiral Seely earned his Navy pilot wings in 1956, and flew 447 missions in the Western Pacific through

Jim Newkirk, Class of 1955

Jim Newkirk, outstanding athlete, philanthropist, and educator, began his life of community service at NHHS, where he was coached by Al Irwin and graduated in 1955. He went on to garner football and baseball championships at Orange Coast College in 1956, and a football championship at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1958. After completing

Dr. Don Miyada, Class of 1942

Dr. Don Miyada, Class of 1942, accomplished professor and resilient patriot, arrived at NHHS in 1938, unaware that in the next few years, world events would keep him from graduation day. In 1942, Miyada and his family were relocated to Poston, a Japanese Internment camp, where he received his NHHS diploma in the mail. Remarkably,