CALLING the CLASS of 2022

We are thrilled to offer TEN $2000 scholarship opportunities for graduating Seniors!


Six years ago, we realized a longtime dream by awarding two $1000 scholarships to graduating seniors from the Class of 2017. The program focuses on students who will attend a community college, trade (culinary, technical, mechanical, etc.), or nursing school. Through the generosity of our Newport Harbor High School alumni, last June we were able to give eight $2000 gifts to deserving students from the Class of 2021.


This year, we are continuing to grow by offering TEN $2000 scholarships!


Graduating seniors can apply now until the deadline of 4pm on Friday April 29, 2022 to Mrs. Mack in the NHHS Counseling Office. Students must:

1. Have a 2.2 GPA or better
2. Desire to attend an institution of higher education (community college, trade, technical, nursing school, etc.) with proof of acceptance/enrollment or intention to attend
3. Have taken Career Technology Education (CTE) courses while at Newport Harbor

4. Show proof of community involvement (volunteer work, employment, participation in sports/clubs/other activities)
5. A letter of recommendation is required
6. Attend the NHHS Awards Ceremony (TBA)


Applications can be picked up in the NHHS Counseling Office, or downloaded here:

Aplicación en Español:

Folleto Informativo

Formulario de Aplicación

With your support we have been able to help the career dreams of 26 NHHS students comes true. We look forward to expanding this program and know we will continue to see great need after the financial hardships of the pandemic.

Scholar 2021 Group.jpg

Our 2021 Scholarship winners with Brandin Grimes from the Alumni Association.

“In 2021, we were also able to offer our 2020 winners a second year of support to pursue their goals,” said Scholarship Chair Monica McDade. “All our recipients worked hard for their grades, served in leadership positions, and volunteered their time. We are proud of these worthy individuals and know they will make their mark upon the world. It is such a joy to invest in these young men and women.”


Our Scholarships (which prioritize students attending a community college, trade, technical or nursing school) are supported by our Educational Advancement Endowment. One of our 2020 recipients Ashleigh MacPhie told us that “Having the scholarship funds made my schooling that much more important—I was working to make myself proud as well as the Alumni Association. … I just want to say thank you again for believing in me and my future.”


And 2018 awardee Kyle Langdon-Weyrich shared that “Receiving this scholarship helped reduce my financial burdens and allowed me to focus on my education… Thank you for your vote of confidence! I won’t let you down! Go Sailors!”


Your donation will help continue the long Sailor tradition of giving back, so please join us!

*Special thanks to the 2021 Scholarship Selection Committee: Trent Casillas, Laura DeSoto, Brandin Grimes, Sue Lindsey, Monica McDade, and Sara Robinson.

Thank you from Ashleigh McPhie, Class of 2020

Our 2021 Recipients

Scholar 21 Alena Aviles.jpg

Alena Aviles

Alena Aviles, Class of 2021, pursued her interest in artistic expression at OCC’s Studio Art program with the plan to transfer to CSU Fullerton to study Illustration. The first in her family to go to college, she had a rigorous class schedule and shone as part of the Stage and Marching bands, as well as the Choir ensemble. She built upon her own love of music by volunteering with the NMUSD summer music program for children and volunteered with her grandparents to provide food to families experiencing homelessness. 

Scholar 21 Shaylee Cienfuegos.jpg

Shaylee Cienfuegos

Shaylee Cienfuegos, Class of 2021, stood out at NHHS for her academic achievement which earned her a spot in UC Irvine’s Political Science Department with the goal of becoming a lawyer. A dedicated AVID student who set high goals, she was recognized as Student of the Semester and on the Honor roll. She was an important member of the Marching and Symphonic bands, student clubs, and a Translation Ambassador. Always encouraging others, she assisted the NMUSD Summer Music Program to pass on her love of music to elementary students. 

Scholar 21 Yahir Gonzalez.jpg

Yahir Gonzalez

Yahir Gonzalez, Class of 2021, appreciated his own mentors so much that he decided to become a Clinical Social Worker by beginning his training at OCC. Following in the footsteps of his parents, he began volunteering in 5th grade at the Newport Beach and Costa Mesa Libraries, St. Joachim’s Church, and NHHS events. He enjoyed improving his communication skills by serving as a Translation Ambassador for those in need and will put this knowledge to good use in the future helping others. 

Scholar 21 Ashley Flores.jpg

Ashley Gonzalez Flores

Ashley Gonzalez Flores, Class of 2021, took her talents to OCC as the first member of her family to have the opportunity to pursue higher education. Inspired by her brother and teachers, she planned to study Criminal Justice in hopes of becoming a Juvenile Probation Officer or Youth Correctional Counselor and help struggling teens find a path to success. An active student at NHHS, she enjoyed participating in the Dance program and with the Link Crew to welcome incoming freshman. 

Scholar 21 Kendall Kelly.jpg

Kendall Kelly

Kendall Kelly, Class of 2021, took the skills she learned at NHHS to the University of Georgia to fulfill her childhood goal of attending college with a major in Journalism. A stand-out on the Softball and Tennis teams as Captain, she umpired youth Softball and tutored elementary students. She was a member of ASB, the Teen Project, CSF, and the NMUSD Mental Health Task Force. Honored as Student of the Semester, she was a favorite employee at Ruby’s Sandwiches as Assistant Manager.

Scholar 21 Miles Marquez.jpg

Miles Marquez

Miles Marquez, Class of 2021, was inspired by his mother, who was a nurse, to choose a career dedicated to the health of others by studying at OCC. His eyes were set on becoming a Public Health Nurse and traveling the world to bring health care to those in need. At NHHS, he challenged himself with IB and AP classes and on the Football and Volleyball teams. He participated in ASB, Link Crew, Mock Trial, Model UN, all while working to support himself. He also gave back to his community by volunteering with the CERT program and the American Red Cross. 

Scholar 21 Gustavo Navarro.jpg

Gustavo Navarro

Gustavo Navarro, Class of 2021, succeeded in a rigorous course of AP and IB classes, and took his talents to San Jose State’s excellent Aviation program to become a professional pilot. A member of the Stage and Marching Bands, he volunteered at local food banks, tutored at his junior high school, served as a translator at area schools, and was a regular blood donor. He was a valuable member of the AVID program and managed to succeed through the difficulties of learning in a pandemic. 

Scholar 21 Nancy Velasco.jpg

Nancy Velasco

Nancy Velasco, Class of 2021, moved on to Irvine Valley College with the goal of transferring to UC Irvine to study Public or Global Relations. She delighted her teachers in AVID and other college prep classes with her willingness to engage in productive debate. At NHHS, she enjoyed the Field Hockey Team, Mentor Program, Halo Autism Awareness Club, and volunteering at a soup kitchen. She served as a Leader in Training at the Nature Center, and on top of this rigorous schedule, worked to support her family. 

Our 2020 Recipients

Scholar 2020 Amra Barton.jpg

Amra Barton

Amra Barton, Class of 2020, was inspired by her Junior year Mentor experience with a nurse to choose a career improving the health of others by studying Nursing at Texas Christian University. At NHHS, she challenged herself with Honors and AP classes and served as Captain of the Tennis Team where she was appreciated for her cheerful leadership. She gave back to her church by mentoring children and traveling to Mexico to build houses for those in need. 

Scholar 2020 Jennifer Camacho.jpg

Jennifer Camacho

Jennifer Camacho, Class of 2020, continued her education at the University of La Verne to study Psychology. An active student at NHHS, she enjoyed participating in the AVID program and the Marching Band. She was a leader on the award-winning Culinary Arts competition team and was elected Historian of the Family Career and Community Leaders of America chapter. Motivated to help others, she started a club that organized beach clean-ups and made care packages for the homeless.

Scholar 2020 Maggie Dufresne.jpg

Maggie Dufresne

Maggie Dufresne, Class of 2020, appreciated how Special Education classes helped her master her own learning difficulties and decided to dedicate herself to becoming a Special Education teacher by enrolling at Brigham Young-Idaho. She received real world experience in a Special Education classroom as part of her Junior year Mentor experience and as a counselor at Camp Friendship. Committed to helping others, she volunteered at the Someone Cares Soup Kitchen, Project Hope Alliance, and her church’s youth program. 

Scholar 2020 Adam Faludi.jpg

Adam Faludi

Adam Faludi, Class of 2020, took the skills he learned at NHHS to Orange Coast College’s Business Administration program with a major in Finance and plans to move on to a 4-year university. To give back to his community, he volunteered as a Youth Leader at his church and enjoyed working with the younger students. He was a member of the Swim team and worked as a Lifeguard. He was proud to earn his Eagle Scout and dedicated that achievement to the memory of his scoutmaster.

Scholar 2020 Brian Gonzalez.jpg

Brian Gonzalez

Brian Gonzalez, Class of 2020, pursued his interest in how things are constructed at OCC with the hope of studying Engineering or Architecture in the future. The first in his family to go to college, he completed six years in the Shalimar Teen Center afterschool program, where he was recognized for his ability to respectfully engage with people of all walks of life. He built upon his own love of soccer by organizing and coaching an elementary school team that made it to the finals of the Daily Pilot Cup. 

Scholar 2020 Aldrish Jimenez.jpg

Aldrish Jimenez

Aldrish Jimenez, Class of 2020, succeeded in a rigorous course of AP and IB classes, and became the first in his family to attend college at UC Santa Cruz in Business Management Economics. A member of the Marching and Jazz Bands, he volunteered each summer teaching younger children in the District’s music program. On the Cross Country, Track and Field, and Soccer teams, he led as Captain. He was a valuable member of NHHS’s Link Crew, Latinos Unidos, and Make-a-Wish clubs, and earned a Golden State Merit Diploma and the State Seal of Biliteracy. 

Scholar 2020 Oscar Levya.jpg

Oscar Leyva

Oscar Leyva, Class of 2020, moved on to Irvine Valley College with his eye on transferring to a four-year university and eventually becoming a police officer. He was a stand-out in the Costa Mesa Police Explorer program and was quickly promoted through the ranks to the leadership position of Lieutenant. At NHHS he enjoyed the Soccer and Track teams, and an ROP course in CSI police investigations. Beginning his junior year, he worked in the front of house at Chick-Fil-A and helped support his family. 

Scholar 2020 Ashleigh McPhie.jpg

“Having the scholarship funds made my schooling that much more important—I was working to make myself proud as well as the Alumni Association. … I just want to say thank you again for believing in me and my future.” 

Ashleigh McPhie

Ashleigh McPhie, Class of 2020, stood out as the CTE Student of the Year in Film & Television and followed her dreams to OCC’s Filmmaking program. At NHHS, she served as the lead Special Projects Director for TarTV and produced a video for Grandparents Day. She was tapped by the NMUSD Superintendent to create a video highlighting the many special programs offered by the District. She was in the Key Club, the Girls Basketball team, and volunteered with Ensign’s basketball program. 

Our 2019 Recipients

Scholar 19 Forest.jpg

Forest Bauman

Forest Bauman, Class of 2019, majored in Studio Art at OCC to pursue his passion for creativity. While at NHHS, he took classes in many different artistic mediums, and championed the voices of minorities on campus as Vice-President of the Transgender Alliance. Because of his love of animals, he started the Wildlife Education and Conservation Club and volunteered at a local Parrot Sanctuary.

Scholar 19 Devon Burton.jpg

Devon Burton

Devon Burton, Class of 2019, studied Liberal Arts at OCC with the intention of going into Library Science. Because of her experience overcoming dyslexia to become a voracious reader, she hopes to help children who struggle as she once did. She volunteered with the Key Club, helped with beach clean-ups, and was part of the Junior Miss Poppies program to raise support for veterans.

Scholar 19 Isabel Burton.jpg

Isabel Burton

Isabel Burton, Class of 2019, was excited to begin the Aviation Science program at OCC in pursuit of a career as a pilot. Giving her time to veteran causes, she worked with Operation Santa Claus and Easter Bunny at the VA, and the Junior Miss Poppy program at the American Legion. Through the Key Club, she served meals to the homeless to address hunger in our community. One of her goals is to share her love of aviation to inspire other young women to go into this growing field. 

Scholar 19 Morgan.jpg

Morgan Burton

Morgan Burton, Class of 2019, was so inspired by her IB Business classes at NHHS that she wanted to continue her education in this field at OCC with an eye toward entrepreneurship. At NHHS, she participated in the DECA program which prepares highs school students for careers in business. She also volunteered with the Newport Beach Film Festival, and coached younger children in sailing.

Scholar 19 Jackson Dugan.jpg

Jackson Dugan

Jackson Dugan, Class of 2019, enrolled at OCC to study Business Management after enjoying his classes in that subject at NHHS. With plans to transfer to a 4-year university, he worked 22 hours a week to save money for college while maintaining his grades at NHHS. In addition to volunteering at the ENC, he mentored a younger student to help improve their grades and outlook on life.

Scholar 19 Isabella Secor.jpg

Isabella Secor

Isabella Secor, Class of 2019, nurtured a lifelong love of the ocean which encouraged her to pursue Marine Biology at OCC. Spending 20 hours a week on the water rowing with the Newport Aquatic Center opened her eyes to the issue of plastic in our oceans, and interested her in researching ways to reduce the impact of humans on the environment. While at NHHS, she organized beach clean-ups and volunteered to mentor younger girls at NAC to share her appreciation of the ocean.

Our 2018 recipients:

2018 Scholarship Kyle Award ceremony.jpg

“Receiving this scholarship helped reduce my financial burdens and allowed me to focus on my education… Thank you for your vote of confidence! I won’t let you down! Go Sailors!” Kyle Langdon-Weyrich (2018 Scholarship recipient)

Kyle Langdon-Weyrich

Kyle Langdon-Weyrich, Class of 2018, attended Golden West College to study Communications and run on the Cross Country and Track teams. While at NHHS, he was involved in ASB, CSF, National Honor Society, and Bridges, as well as the Cross Country and Lacrosse teams. Kyle was as an internationally-ranked competitive downhill ski racer, and worked as a marketing assistant at Alameda Co, a deckhand on the Dulcinea Yacht, and at Balboa Beach and Bicycles.

2018 Scholarship Stephanie Becerra .jpg

Stephanie Becerra

Stephanie Becerra, Class of 2018, studied Video Game Design at OCC with the goal of entering the highly competitive field of character game design. At NHHS, she was part of the AVID program and volunteered more than 100 hours of community service, most notably with Working Wardrobes, helping veterans and low-income women gain self-esteem and become workforce ready.

Our 2017 recipients:

2017 Scholarship Callaway Kennedy.jpg

“I would like to say thank you for supporting me, helping me get one step closer in achieving my goal of becoming a nurse.” Calloway Kennedy (2017 Scholarship recipient)

Callaway Kennedy, Callaway Kennedy, Class of 2017, attended Auburn University with a major in Nursing. She loved her time at NHHS, especially playing on the Field Hockey and Soccer teams. Her volunteer work at Hoag Hospital while in high school both inspired and confirmed her desire to pursue nursing. Despite the rigorous coursework required of nursing students, she excelled and kept on-track for a successful career helping others.

2017 Scholarship Taylor Sterling.jpg

Taylor Sterling,

Taylor Sterling, Class of 2017, attended Santa Barbara Community College, with plans to transfer and graduate from UCSB. Born and raised in Newport Beach, she was the fourth in her family to graduate from NHHS. While in high school, Taylor volunteered in the HALO program for Autism Awareness, was on the Honor Roll all four years, and was a member of the outstanding NHHS Dance Program. In her first year of college, she discovered a love of Forensic Science, and planned to pursue this as her profession.