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Preserving the Past, Enriching the Future


On the morning of September 22, 1930, the first students walked through the doors of Newport Harbor High School. Two years later the first class of 54 seniors graduated and the NHHS Alumni Association was born. In the almost nine decades since then, the school and the Alumni Association have grown and adapted to current events, all the while taking care to record and celebrate the inspiring stories of the students, faculty and friends that make up our community.


What makes our school so unique is not just the long tradition of excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts, but our commitment to honoring this legacy to best educate and motivate the next generation of Sailors. In this spirit, the mission of the NHHS Alumni Association is to engage our alumni, support our scholarship program, maintain the campus museum, and preserve the rich heritage of our alma mater. 


In 2015, we were thrilled to achieve our goal of establishing two Endowments to create a source of sustained funding for our projects and establish a scholarship program. They are overseen by the OC Community Foundation, which is an excellent partner in securing and building these investments. With your help, we believe this is the best way to live up to our ideal of Preserving the Past and Enriching the Future.


Will you join us?


Program Goals and Objectives:


  • Maintain the Web Jones Heritage Hall Museum

  • Collect, preserve and archive NHHS memorabilia and stories for future generations

  • Provide Reunion support through publicity, organizers, and campus tours

  • Acknowledge our Hall of Fame Honorees

  • Keep Alumni current with Events through newsletters, website and social media

  • Grow our Heritage Endowment to provide sustaining support

  • Award and expand our Scholarship program for NHHS graduating Seniors


Since its founding in 1930, Newport Harbor High School has proudly served its community as a California Distinguished School, National Blue Ribbon School, and International Baccalaureate School. We are honored to be alumni from such a fine institution. You can find the school here: 

Historical Newport Harbor High Trailer
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The Board


Sara Joyce Robinson

Sara Joyce Robinson, Class of 1997, grew up at NHHS because her father Joe Robinson is a longtime teacher. She graduated from UC Irvine with a BA in English, and went on to her earn MFA in Fiction, where she was the Editor-in-Chief of UC Irvine’s literary magazine Faultline. At...

Sara Joyce Robinson.jpg

Laura DeSoto 

Laura (Kirkpatrick) DeSoto, Class of 1976, was elected Co-President of the NHHS Alumni Association in January 2022. She and her husband Brad have two children who also graduated from NHHS, Chris in 2011 and Alex in 2014. Laura is a graduate of San Diego State University..

Laura DeSoto.jpg

Greg Scheinder

Greg Scheinder, Class of 2004, attended NHHS with his younger brother and joined the Alumni Board in Spring 2023. At NHHS, he enjoyed NAC rowing for four years. He continued to OCC where he was Captain of the Novice Crew Team that won an ECAC National Championship. He transferred to SFSU and... 

tommy tar jumping.tif

Monica McDade

Born in Newport Beach, Monica McDade, Class of 1981, has been a professional fundraiser for more than 25 years. She has served numerous organizations she believes passionately in including the Special Olympics of Southern California, American Cancer Society, the Susan G....


Alan Gaddis
Chair of Engagement & President Emeritus

Alan Gaddis, Class of 1980, served as President of the NHHS Alumni Association from 2018-2022. He and his wife Mary Lynn have four children who all attended our alma mater. He is a graduate of Princeton University and has worked as an executive at a Los Angeles-based...


Jon Elliot
Chair of Events

Jon Elliot, Class of 1985, has volunteered with the Alumni Association since 2018, and in 2022 he stepped into a new role on the Board. A former Water Polo player for the Sailors, his children are also NHHS grads.

Jon Elliot.jpg

Past Board Members

Gregg Kelly
former President

Gregg Kelly, Class of 1975, served as President of the Alumni Association from 2006 to 2018. He married a fellow Sailor from the Class of 1975, Devon (Eastman) Kelly, and their...

Gregg Kelly.jpg

Robin Sinclair
former Vice-President

Robin (Guzik) Sinclair graduated from NHHS as a junior in 1974, but identifies as a true member of the Class of 1975. She was the College and Career Specialist at Newport Harbor High School...


Corinne Heiser
former Director

Corinne Hamilton Heiser, Class of 1970, has a K-8 teaching credential and an BA in Sociology and Liberal Studies/Education. She served as the NHHS Alumni Director...

Corinne Heisser.jpg

Diane Jones
former Treasurer

Diane (Lorentzen) Jones graduated NHHS in the Class of 1962. Her three brothers also graduated from NHHS (Paul 1956, Terry 1964, and Mark 1967), and all of her children are...

NHHS anchor logo.jpg

Lynne Hayes
former Treasurer

Lynne (Kelly) Hayes, Class of 1980, joined the NHHS Alumni board as Treasurer in the summer of 2018. She comes from a true Sailor family, as her three ...

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