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We are proud of the Newport Harbor High School tradition, that has been built by generations of students, faculty, and friends who make our community so special. Through our Scholarship program, Web Jones Heritage Hall museum, Hall of Fame, and Reunion support, it is our mission to share this rich heritage with students past, present, and future. 

To do this, we rely upon on support from you, our NHHS family, so we hope you will join our efforts. 

Recently a fellow Sailor wrote to us about why our alma mater is such a unique place – “I know of no other high school in the nation which has left such an imprint on American culture and historical education. The Alumni of this school have advanced education, the arts, military heroes, etc. You are to be commended for the work you have done, the teachers and leadership of this school, who have filled the country with leaders, celebrities, and great citizens. You are to be commended for presenting this history of the school's 90-year celebration of life, love, and leadership. Sincerely, Ed Beckstrom, Class of 1952 and some of the best four years of my life.” His words capture exactly why we, and so many others, love our school. Be a part of the long NHHS tradition of giving back with a donation today.

We provide unmatched accountability operating as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization (Tax ID# 27-2923091) and partnering with the OC Community Foundation to oversee our endowments. You can make a one-time gift to our general use fund, to either of our two endowments, or consider a reoccurring monthly donation to help sustain our efforts. 


Sponsorship Levels

Varsity $25

Sailor $100

Beacon $500

Compass Rose $1,000

Galleon $5,000

Bell $10,000

Anchor $25,000

Tower $100,000

Help us reach our 2024 goal!


Join the long Sailor tradition of giving back with a donation today, so we can continue to support our Scholarship program, Heritage Hall museum, and plan the next fun Alumni event.


With your help, we know we can do it again this year!

Or send checks to:

NHHS Alumni Association

PO Box 2675 

Newport Beach, CA 92663

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